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Matias Finds His Inspiration in Shriners Children’s Mission

Meet Matias

It started out as a normal day at school for Matias and his classmates in their hometown of Queretaro, Mexico.

The group of four teenage boys decided it was a good day to go out during their lunch break, so they hopped into the car to go to a local fast food restaurant. After eating their meal, the boys got in the car to head back to school, and Matias took his spot in the back seat.

As they made their way back, the driver took a curve in the road too fast, and the vehicle spun out of control, striking three different light poles before coming to a stop. Matias was briefly unconscious, but the friend next to him in the back seat was able to wake him before the car became engulfed in flames. The two boys helped each other get out of the car window, because the doors were jammed shut.

Matias would suffer severe burns across his body because of the accident, along with a broken left leg. The local hospital did not have the resources needed to treat his injuries, so he was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Mexico City. It was there that Matias’ parents heard about Shriners Children’s, and a local Shriner assisted them in getting Matias transported to Shriners Children’s Texas in Galveston.

Once he made it to Galveston, Matias would remain in intensive care for a month. He does not recall much about his time in the ICU, but he does remember how the nurses would keep him company during the long nights, talking to him and comforting him during his initial recovery.

Still receiving treatment as an outpatient, Matias is thankful to be bouncing back from his injuries. Currently he is going through physical therapy to improve his mobility. His mother, Luz, is thankful to the staff of Shriners Children’s for his continued improvement.

Shriners Children’s changed our life. We will always be thankful, and they will have our deepest gratitude for helping Matias.
Luz, Matias' mom

“Matias came here for a life-saving treatment,” Luz said. “Three months ago, we thought seeing him like he is now would be impossible. Shriners Children’s changed our life. We will always be thankful, and they will have our deepest gratitude for helping Matias.”

Before his accident, Matias was a very physically active 15-year-old boy. He played basketball for the high school team, and loved to play soccer with his friends. While it may be a while before he can return to sports, he has a positive attitude and is working hard to someday play competitively again. He has even incorporated basketball into his physical therapy program.

This determination is helping him to accomplish his goals for recovery, and he credits both the Shriners, and Shriners Children’s mission, as an inspiration for his steadfast resolve.

“If the Shriners can help, if they can make a difference, they are going to do it,” Matias said.

Not only is Matias an athlete, but he is also a very hard-working student in school. His favorite school subjects are philosophy and ethics, and he hopes to eventually go to law school and become a lawyer like his grandfather and his uncle. Luz said he is a deep thinker and likes to debate because he is passionate about his thoughts and opinions.

Matias with his mother

Matias and his mother during a visit to Shriners Children's Texas

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